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Unofficial World Record, Most Snowmen built in 1 hour at Michigan Tech.

by .::Steve Jurmu :: Saturday February 10th, 2018 :: 3:45p ::.

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Houghton, MI (FunintheUP.com) - Today over 1500 participants, a combination of students from Michigan Tech University and people from the Copper Country came together to an event called "Snowman Left Behind" which was an attempt to break the World Record for most snowmen built within one (1) hour. Over 30 volunteers, which were members of the USG (Undergraduate Student Government) and board members from the MUB (Memorial Union Building) organized this event.

It happened, the most snowmen built over the period of one hour belongs to Michigan Tech and the community of the Copper Country, it is now an unofficial record, after being checked by the Guiness Book of World Records and only after full completeness will it then become official, sometimes the process can take up to 12 months. The volunteers and 4 independent witnesses tallied a total of 2,228 snowmen built across Sherman Field at Michigan Tech. The rules were simple, 1) Each snowman had to be at minimum 3 feet tall; 2) Each snowman must have 3 distinct levels; 3) Each snowman must have two arms, two eyeballs, and nose which could be anything of choice, used here were plastic bbs and two skewer sticks; 4) Each participant can only use their hands and feet, no tools.

The snow wasn't to conducive to making snowmen, temps hovering around 10 degrees and extremely dry snow to the ground made for a challenging time. Participants used all sorts of plans to complete each snowman. Some used a technique to start of piling the snow, laying on it to compact it, then shape the base, one gentleman called it the Lift and Pack". Another young woman called her technique the "Cuddling Technique", while MTU students Olivia, Mike, and two other friends moved snow into a pile, surrounded it and packed it with their hands. Many then used their hands to cut out sections of crusty blocks of snow and gently layed it upon the previous layer, some shaped their masterpiece as they built it, others moved on to the next snowman quickly.

After time was up, the volunteers seperated into 4 groups, each with an independent witness moved around the field counting the snowmen and double checking if they adhered to the rules of height, arms, and eyeballs. To help keep track of their count the arms were removed and the snowmen were sprayed with food colored water.

Now comes the waiting process to see whether or not it becomes official.

Snowfall totals 2016-17
Houghton county - 286.6 inches
Keweenaw county - 276.0 inches
Marquette county - 154.0 inches

Snowfall totals 2015-16
Houghton county - 290.1 inches
Keweenaw county - 222.0 inches
Marquette county - 160.9 inches

Snowfall totals 2014-15
Houghton county - 246.4 inches
Keweenaw county - 271.5 inches
Marquette county - 172.9 inches

Snowfall totals 2013-14
Houghton county - 338.7 inches
Keweenaw county - 340.5 inches
Marquette county - 198.9 inches

Snowfall totals 2012-13
Houghton county - 288 inches
Keweenaw county - 314 inches
Marquette county - 214.6 inches

Snowfall totals 2011-12
Houghton county - 178.5 inches
Keweenaw county - 195 inches
Marquette county - 152.8 inches

Reached 100 inches - Dec 26th, 2017

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