2014 Upper Peninsula Fall Colors Report

Stay tuned to this page for updates on fall colors across the Upper Peninsula.
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Pictures are coming in across the U.P. see the updates below. Especially for Sept 21st to present.

July 19th, 2014 - Fall colors seen along M26 around Twin Lakes.
There were a couple maple trees (pic) spotted with reds and oranges.
Aug 10th - Fall color update US 41 Houghton to Mqt. A little color is making its way into the forests (pic)
Aug 10th - Noticed a few trees in Houghton were full color. A few trees from L'Anse to Covington Jct with color.(pic)
Aug 10th - A few random patches of color between Covington Jct and Ishpeming. A few trees near Teal Lake in Negaunee with color (pic)
Aug 10th - This sugar maple is starting to give the homeowners a show in Marquette. (pic)

Aug 24th - Leaves are still starting to really change. There isn't much color out there at this time, pretty spotty throughout the Upper Peninsula at this time. I am really seeing a lot of trees with bright red and scarlet leaves this year first off, the yellows and oranges aren't as prominent right now.

Aug 31st - Colors are really starting to appear now. Most maple trees leaves are showing some slight color changes from greens into full reds, oranges, and the majority are turning greenish yellow. Almost all have at least 25% color. Oak trees have yet to really change yet. Noticing birch are starting to turn yellow now and expecting them to be at peak within the next week and a half. Aspen trees I would say are the same as birch. Expect this next week to really start seeing more color along the highways and back roads and along river banks.

Sept 10th - Today is a rainy day and the temperatures are starting to get cooler and the leaves should start radically changing colors now. I expect this week you should start seeing most maples with 40%-55% color. US 41 from Houghton to Marquette is really starting to come into its own now. Driving you will notice a lot of yellows especially from Covington Jct to Ishpeming with a some brilliant reds and oranges thrown in. Keep your eyes peeled down the off shoot roads and ponds along the way, you will notice some nice colors. M26 from Houghton to Onotonagon is changing nicely. This is one road where the colors are some of the most beautiful in the entire Upper Peninsula. Also along Boundary Road, from the Porcupine Mountains State Park to Wakefield has some beautiful color appearing also. Take your time along this road, there are a ton of hard and soft maples which are starting to really show some color.

Sept 21st - What some cooler weather will do to the fall colors, speed them up for sure. We went from about 40% color just this last week to around 60% color in many interior areas off the shore of Lake Superior. Colors are starting to really pop now along US41 from Houghton to Marquette, I would estimate at least 80% color in areas like Covington Jct to Michigamee, awesome colors around Tioga Roadside park where there are 4 lanes. A lot of color in Three Lakes and Michigamee. Ontonagon area, Wakefield, Ironwood are seeing around 70% color. Houghton to Twin Lakes to Mass City there is about 80% color. US 45 to Bruce Crossing to Watersmeet there is around 75% color. Munising area is seeing a good showing of color right now, probably around 55%-70% depending on where you are, closer to Lake Superior less color, further away more color. St. Ignace and along US 2 there have been reports of close to peak color. Overall most trees have color at this time, expect that this week with the warmer weather that color change will not be as rapid, but if we do get some cooler nights this might not hamper it much. Estimating color is around 70% and some areas especially interior UP have 80%-90% color. Peak season is looking like it will be around Oct 1st-Oct 5th. I wouldn't expect it to much later unless we really see some warmer temps.

Sept 26-27th - 80%-95% full color across the U.P. - Remaining areas are seeing 65%-75% color, they are about a week behind. Wow what a few days will do to the colors. I have been getting pics and reports from across the UP, and it seems that most areas in the U.P. are now at full peak color. There are areas in the Ironwood, Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga county, and Marquette areas which have a few different peak colors. Areas in Copper Harbor, along Lake Superior near Marquette, Munising, Sault Ste. Marie, and some areas in the Porcupine Mountains aren't seeing peak color yet, give it another week and you will really see the color in those areas. The sudden cold weather last week really accelerated the color, the rainfall, we had this summer I believe helped produce rich colors that we are seeing this year. I don't think I have seen this many brilliant reds and blaze oranges in the forests in the past 3 or 4 years combined. It is truly an amazing color season.
We are still holding to Oct 1st-5th as being full peak across the U.P. anyone coming after the 5th of October will probably notice more yellows and browns.
Ski lift color tours this year
Mount Bohemia will be running fall color lift rides this Saturday and Sunday September 27th and 28th and then again Oct 4th and 5th from 11am till 5pm. tickets will $8 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and Under.
Porcupine Mountains Ski Hill - Fall Color Rides - $5 - Kids 12 and under Free - Saturday and Sunday 12pm-7pm - Live webcam of ski hill

Sept 26th - Fall pictures from Marquette Mtn Ski Hill - Facebook @Marquette-Mountain
Marquette Mtn pic 1 -
Marquette Mtn pic 2 -
Marquette Mtn pic 3 -
Marquette Mtn pic 4

FB via @NWSMarquette
Sept 26th -
Sept 23rd
FB via @writingfromtheharbor Amanda Wais - Writings from the Harbor

Sept 25th
FB via @CopperHarborTrailsClub
Sept 22nd Copper Harbor pic 1 -
Sept 22nd Copper Harbor pic 2
FB via @ManistiqueMI
Sept 27th M-94 between Chatham and Munising
FB via @michiganskeweenawpeninsula
Sept 27th Brockway Mtn pic 1 -
Sept 27th Brockway Mtn pic 2
FB via @ann.h.fisher
Sept 26th Pic 1 Marquette Steel Bridge County Rd 510
Sept 26th Pic 2 Marquette Steel Bridge County Rd 510
From Manistique - US 2 from Escanaba to Ironwood has peak color right now. After this weekend you will start seeing colors fade into browns and bland yellows.
Sept 24th FB via @cherriwachter M94 Valley Spur Hill Alger County MI
Cut River Bridge US2

Sept 30th - Fall colors are at peak or past peak across the U.P. if you are planning on coming up, you will see mostly browns and yellows throughout the forests now. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees and there is sporadic color in most areas now.

October 4th - Colors are past peak now. Very little color left across the U.P. there is still a little color along the Portage Canal, in Copper Harbor, areas near Ironwood, a few places in the Porcupine Mtns, and a little in areas in the Huron Mountains. Eastern area of the U.P. has barely any color left at all. The winds and the rain has knocked a lot of the leaves off the trees now and things are looking like winter is coming soon.

October 7th - It has been past peak for over a week now. Very little color now throughout the Upper Peninsula. You will still notice a few trees with reds, a little orange, but mostly yellows and fading into browns, and dull yellows. Things changed quickly this year, as was evident by seeing color in July this year. Stay tuned for next years fall color report right here on FunintheUP.com Thanks for following our page.

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